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16 February 2012 @ 02:13 am
The Sound of Silence - A TVD Fanmix  
A fanmix for The Sound of Silence :: The Sound of Silence - A Stefan/Bonnie/Klaus Fanmix

o1. the sound of silence - simon & garfunkel
hello darkness, my old friend
i've come to talk with you again
because a vision softly creeping
left its seeds while I was sleeping
and the vision that was planted in my brain
still remains
within the sound of silence

o2. you and whose army? - radiohead
come on, come on
you think you drive me crazy
come on, come on
you and whose army?
you and your cronies

o3. bad company - bad company
i can hear them say
bad company
and i won't deny
bad bad company
till the day i die
till the day i die

o4. eleanor rigby - the beatles
all the lonely people
where do they all come from?
all the lonely people
where do they all belong?

o5. creep - scala & kolacny brothers
but i'm a creep, i'm a weirdo,
what the hell am i doing here?
i don't belong here
i don't belong here

o6. teardrop - massive attack
love, love is a verb
love is a doing word
fearless on my breath
gentle impulsion
shakes me, makes me lighter
fearless on my breath

o7. hunter - 30 seconds to mars
if travel is searching
and home what's been found
i'm not stopping
i'm going hunting

o8. seven nation army (remix) - the white stripes
i'm gonna fight 'em all
a seven nation army couldn't hold me back
they're gonna rip it off
taking their time right behind my back

o9. burning down the house - the used
that’s right, don’t want to hurt nobody
something sure can knock me off my feet
burning down the house

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Sasha: Paul Wesleyrebeldesigns on February 17th, 2012 06:10 pm (UTC)
Thank you! And yes, I've been obsessed with that remix of Seven Nation Army, I couldn't help but use it for this :)

And the font that I used for this fanmix is Orator STD. Hope that helps!