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22 October
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Once upon a time there was a little girl named Sasha. She thought she was a beautiful princess, she thought she was a courageous knight, and she definitely thought that she could be both. She went by many names, as most do in one life or another. This girl, she loved to read and write, to speak her mind and to dance the night away. And above all, this girl loved to create and design. "You need to focus," her father reminded her. "You have such potential," her mother added. "You can be anything you want. A doctor. A lawyer. Anything." The little girl didn't know what she wanted, not really, and so her heart was heavy with doubt. "How will I know what I will be?" said she to her parents. "You just will," they replied with kindness. "That is part of your story." Her future was uncertain, but of course, who could say that they knew for certain their own fate? After all, that's part of the journey, the uncertainty. Who knew how her fairytale would end?

Welcome to my little slice to LJ, where I will be posting my infrequent thoughts and which will serve as a library for my fanfiction. This journal is friends only and selectively adding. If you're looking for my graphics, go here or here.

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